Secure your IT ifrastructure by performing penetration testing.
External and internal vulnurability scanning solutions.

External Vulnerability Scanning

During the external test, our focus lies on the company’s outward-facing technology, encompassing elements like its website, portal, or other applications such as VPNs and proxies. Following the penetration testing, we will deliver a detailed report to the client containing a list of identified vulnerabilities within the network. Once these issues are addressed, we will conduct another scan to verify resolution, culminating in the issuance of a positive report once all vulnerabilities are remediated.

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

We will integrate our device into your network infrastructure or establish a virtual machine (VM) within your internal network to conduct the penetration testing. By adding your IP range to our application, we ensure comprehensive scanning of all devices within the specified IP range. The resulting output will resemble the report generated from external penetration testing, detailing any identified vulnerabilities within your network.

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