Websites and web based software solutions

Websites for every business

We work with medium and enterprise-level customers to develop bespoke web-based software solutions. By analyzing the requirements and the budget, we select the most suitable technologies to deliver the desired output.


Web designs & graphics

Creativity at its best level

Creating a perfect design for the brand is the key to the success of any business. New technologies are invented every day and our continual improvement policy demand the team to learn new technologies that can contribute positive results in our web designing department.


Branding and Marketing

Sell the ripped fruit

Every company wishes to have a website and getting revenue through that.  Or let the website act as a global identity for the business.  Because of budget constraints or by not understanding the value of a brand, business owners create websites from cheaper sources. We work differently, we educate the customer about the value of branding and how this will play a major role in the global market.


Mobile Applications

User experience is important

We understand your requirements and express our ideas to produce what you expect. Once you got a picture about the output of the application, we start building screens, coding and performing quality analysis tests before presented to you. Your feedback is taken into the account throughout the life cycle of the development.


Web Hosting

Security does matter

By analyzing your application, we suggest you the better hosting solution. Based on the budget and the demand we will help you to select the right package. For standard websites, Elastic sites should be enough. For any high-end application, we recommend dedicated servers or cloud servers. If you need 100% uptime through load balancing, we prefer cloud servers. We work with all major cloud providers such as AWS, AZURE, ​Google etc.


Cloud based IT infrastructure Services

Transformation from in-house to cloud

If you think to connect your home or office network through the internet and making it available from any locations through a secured channel, the cloud IT infrastructure is the answer to that. We allocate servers in the cloud and using proper authentication and through VPN, your computer is joined to the cloud network. You can use the cloud server as a File server, Authentication server or for any purpose.


Hire human resources

Right persons with right technical skills

If you are an agency and looking to hire a software engineer or UX/UI designer this is the right solution for you. While hiring a dedicated person, he will be assigned to work on your tasks only. The advantage is that you can focus on your sales to bring new business and your dedicated resource will do your projects. We will also be asking a project manager to manage your projects so that everything will go in a highly professional workflow.



You deserve the best and we have the skills

Trust us, we won't let you down

Experienced and well qualified
in-house professionals.

Our experienced team of designers, programmers, server
architectures, marketing, and the support team are capable of taking
complete responsibility of the project.

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We value the relationship with
our clients and you will experience it.

Every customer is treated with utmost respect.
We value your inputs and help you to achieve your goals.
The team is highly flexible, as we care about our employees.

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A process-oriented approach everywhere we work.

From the requirement gathering phase, we follow our agile process
till the delivery and the ongoing support. The process
was formed after a decent research and experiences.

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We do not leave some parts for the third party,
We have the resources to manage all these

We always try to full fill every requirement by involving
our team under different segments. The team discussion
and other team activities give a lot of ideas in several cases.

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